We’re Hiring 

Position: Art Director

Studio By The Tracks is looking for the perfect fit to fill the position of Art Director. 
Our Mission: Studio By The Tracks is a studio and gallery for adult artists with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We provide a social network and a career path that enriches our artists’ lives and betters our community.
This is a 30/hr week position. The Art Director should be an individual excited about creating art of all kinds. This position is suited for someone with boundless creativity and organization skills, with a deep interest in working with the population we serve. 
He/she would oversee the art creation for our Adult Program. This entails knowing and connecting with each artist, and using that to facilitate the creation of their artwork. A good fit would be someone with a wide creative skillset, and the initiative and drive to keep learning new art skills. You would be expected to work with all visual art materials (ex. clay, glaze, acrylic, collage, found object work, sculpture, print making, and more). Art Director’s standard day would include coming to the Studio with a clear vision of what each artist will be doing that day, while communicating with other staff and volunteers about each artists’ current project. Often times working directly with one or more artists to help them accomplish their project.
Other responsibilities include: managing materials inventory and reordering as needed, assisting in volunteer training, framing all artwork for sale, installing local and regional exhibits, overseeing the cleaning and organization of the working studio, being willing to participate in skill-building classes/workshops, plays a key role in preparing and executing all SBTT events. The Art Director must stay mission driven in everything.
This is not a desk-job, so all applicants must be able to move for most of their shift without sitting. Applicants able to lift up to 30lbs unassisted are preferred. 
About our culture at SBTT: we pride ourselves on inclusivity and transparency. We have a supportive, encouraging work environment that honors both our mission and our staff. The right candidate would have similar values. 

Please submit a resume and cover letter to jobs@studiobythetracks.org