Our Mission

Studio By The Tracks is a specialized studio and gallery of artists whose work transcends the mainstream. Our programs promote these unique artists and support their inclusion within the realm of contemporary art

Artists receive 60% of any sale of their art works. The Studio provides all services and materials to artists free of charge.

The studio gives me a place where I can be myself
— Mychal, artist since 2012

Established in 1989, SBTT has art classes for different populations. At the Studio, 2/3 of our classes serve adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The other 1/3 serves emotionally conflicted children living in a group home.

Our Adult Artists

Most of the art you see on our website and at our exhibitions is created by SBTT adult artists - these artists have ASD diagnoses.

With the prevalence of ASD increasing ten-fold in the past 40 years (https://www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism), one response has been to increase behavioral therapies and early intervention in school systems. But after an individual leaves the school system, their access to programs that provide growth and meaningful social interactions decrease.

As a result, SBTT has seen the demand for its services surge in recent years. In response, we’ve doubled the amount of adults with ASD we serve. And the quality of the art has surged too. 

Our purpose is to provide materials and assistance as needed for artists to create the artwork that they envision. All of our services are free of cost, and all artists receive 60% of the sale of their artwork. We encourage individuality and freedom of expression.

Our Children's Program

Outside of our adult classes, we also have two classes of boys in residential treatment. These boys have been removed from their homes by the court system. They have behavioral and emotional problems often caused by abuse and neglect; but when they come to SBTT, they’re just normal kids in art class. Since opening its doors, SBTT has served over 1000 children. Read more about our Children's Program.


Who are we?

Ila Faye Miller - Founder
Suzanne Boozer - Executive Director
Catherine Boyd - Director
Katie Thompson - Art Director
Karen Balliet - Children's Program Director
Bunny Chew - Art Instructor
Maggie King - Studio Assistant

See below for our invaluable Board Members.

Want to be involved?

Volunteers and interns are essential to our operation. If you're interested in either one, visit our Contact page and fill out our Direct Message form. Include either "Volunteering" or "Interning" in the subject line. Then send us a message with  your specific interests and qualifications.

Believe in our mission?


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Studio By the Tracks Board Members


Board Of Directors

Mike Battle
Jay Bender
Ben Burford
Dan Bynum
Anne Couch
Cilie Cowin
Bill Fisher
Will Haver
Lee Marks
Ben Miller
Ila Faye Miller
Connie Sherrod
Hampton Stephens
Laura Vogtle
Paul Ware
Leila Watson
Philip Young

Junior Board

Tay Bailey
Betsie Boggs
Todd Boozer
Alice Fisher
Abigail Hearn
Preston Kelley
Carolyne Kontomitras
Katherine Miller
Frances Ellen Morris
Cody Nall
Carolyn Parker
Emma Reich
John Romano
Rebecca Stivender
Stuart Stone
Ginny Willings